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Production and quality control

The technological production process for creating cables and wires has five separate areas: melting, wire drawing, twisting, extrusion and packaging. Copper rod is the main source material, used in the production of cabling and wiring products. Our plant uses the method of continuous oxygen-free casting, using modern equipment of UPCAST company (Finland) in the production of copper rod.

Melting area

UPCAST equipment is designed to cast rods made from copper and copper alloys. Copper cathodes are fed into the smelting furnace, where they are melted at a high temperature in an atmosphere without oxygen. When exiting the crystallizer, the copper rods have the right diameter to be further processed.

Wire drawing area

The rods then move on to the drawing area. Drawing is the process of gradually decreasing the wire’s diameter by passing it through dies. The drawing of copper wire is done on equipment from the German company NIEHOFF. When manufacturing multi-stranded cable, the more high-tech process is to draw several strands simultaneously on multi-strand drawing machines. Afterward, the strands move on to the twisting area.

Twisting area

Here, copper and aluminum strands are twisted into a core. This is done on special twisting machines.

Extrusion area

The core moves along to the extrusion shop, where it is coated in plastic compounds of PVC or polyethylene. The coating can occur in two ways: with or without compression. The coating, which protects strands from mechanical damage and makes them fire-resistant, is applied by extrusion, just as when applying the insulation. The coating is set on cables at high temperatures, and then the cable is passed through a water bath. As a rule, the cables and wires are marked during coating using special printers.

Packaging area

After this, the cables are prepared to be transferred to the warehouse. They are wound, coiled, and packed.

Quality control

Quality control is very important in cable and wire production. Samples of ProCab products are sent to the laboratory, where they are meticulously tested for compliance with stringent standards and GOST. The laboratory is independent of the manufacturer and can stop the production process if its specialists have concerns. In total, the lab conducts up to 14 inspections at each stage of production.

ProCab JV LLC carefully follows local and international standards throughout the production process. It is important to state that the company’s cables and wires have been awarded international certificates of quality management systems ISO 9001:2015