Power cables

Our factory produces high voltage power cables (6-35 kW) in a wide range with XLPE insulation.

XLPE insulated power cables have a number of advantages over paper or PVC insulated cables. XLPE insulated cables have high electrical and mechanical properties, good high temperature tolerance, high resistance to corrosion, environmental influences, and have a simple structure and are easy to use. They can be used for a long time even at temperatures up to 90 ° C, which is a good indicator.

Cross-linking is the process of linking molecular links into a wide cellular three-dimensional network due to the formation of cross-links.

Crosslinking improves the thermal performance of the base polymer.

Cross-linked polyethylene has excellent dielectric characteristics, which makes it indispensable in the production of power cables with voltages up to 550 kW. Cross-linked polyethylene has become the main alternative for PVC insulation.

There are two main technologies for the production of cables with XLPE insulation: Peroxide and silane .

Our plant uses the most promising method of peroxide crosslinking of polyethylene