Network cables

KSVPV(E) is a cable used to create various communication networks, shielded and unshielded, with a PVC or polyethylene sheath, consisting of several pairs of twisted insulated conductors. This cable is mainly used in computer local area networks and telephony, for short and medium distance connections, as it is cheaper than optical or coaxial cables. The cable is used as a network carrier in modern information technologies. It is laid inside buildings and structures. Due to its low price and ease of installation, the use of KSVPV(E) cable is the most common in the construction of local networks with a frequency range of work - up to 100 MHz. These cables are now widely used in video applications, mainly in video surveillance systems. Many cameras have this kind of output connector. Shields are often used in these cables to prevent electromagnetic interference. This type of cable (with and without screen) is also produced in our factory.