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Mission and values

Company's vision:

Our vision is to be the best cable and wire manufacturer in the industry. We focus on the needs of our customers and implement innovations in the energy market.

Our goal is to work together, positively influence on lives of people and unite them, so that our society can flourish. We do this reliably and safely due to high performance of our cable and wire products. We implement modern innovation to meet the changing energy needs of our customers today, tomorrow and the future.

Company's mission:

We aim to be the leading supplier of cable and wire products with the highest quality standards to the market of Central Asia, the CIS countries and Europe. We do our work by passion and deeply understanding the expectations and needs of our customers.

Company's values:

At the joint enterprise’s foundation were laid a number of key values which help ProCab unite its consumer and the company into one big family. The company philosophy is based on 7 values. 

Focus on customer

We always strive to understand better our customers and strive to exceed their expectations.


Employees are the  most valuable capital of the company. Our success depends on the results of work of each employee. The company provides its employees with the necessary conditions for successful and safe work, professional growth and development.

High quality

Quality of the produced cabling and wiring products meet high requirements of the standard.


Together we take care of each other, putting safety at the center of everything we do.

Knowledge and experience

It is the basis of our company development. We accumulate, analyze and use our knowledge and experience to improve product quality and production processes.


We constantly invest in the modernization of our processing lines and expand our products range. To date, our company has developed more than 2000 types of cabling and wiring products.

Long-term cooperation

Because we believe in the high quality of our cables and wires, we provide lifetime warranty for our products to create better relationships with our partners and customers.