About us

The joint  company ProCab was founded in 2012 to meet internal and external demand for high-quality cable and wire products. 

From the enterprise’s formation to today, more than 40 million dollars were invested in modernizing the factory. The ProCab is located in Sergeli district of Tashkent and occupies an area of 14 hectares. The factory produces cables and wires, using equipment of leading companies in Germany, Finland, Turkey and China. 

Since the first day, we have been studying in detail demand, supply and need of the market, which as a result has given us opportunity to increase significantly the range of the products, produced by us. To date, our company produces more than 2000 types of cabling and wiring products.

The company’s products are divided into 8 categories, each of which has dozens of types of cables and wires: 

  • Power cables with plastic insulation with a rated voltage of up to 3 and 6 kilovolts
  • Cables with insulation of woven polyethylene designated for voltages between 6 and 35 kilovolts
  • Pilot cables
  • Wires for power transmission
  • Wires and cables for electrical equipment
  • Cables for fire and security alarm systems 
  • Universal and instrumental cables
  • Cables for structured cable systems

Products have reliable quality and compete successfully with cables and wires of other manufacturers of our country and neighboring countries.

ProCab JV LLC supplies its products to leading companies of Uzbekistan, such as: Tashkent City, Uzbekenergo, Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, Uzbekistan railways JSC, Bekabad Metallurgical Combine, Trust 12, Enter Engineering, Hyundai Engineering, Artel, Humo Arena, Mobiuz, Tashkent TV – Tower, Murad Buildings, Akay City, Golden House and Discover Invest. 
Today, the ProCab is one of the recognized leaders of the industry in terms of the quality of manufactured products.

A few shots on facts and advantages of ProCab